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Dani's Vida

honest musings - lifestyle, wellness, inspiration, and ballet


12 A-Level Experiences

With summer drawing nearer, and high expectations for what our hot girl summers should entail, here are 12 simple but beautiful feelings to

What 365 Days of Yoga Have Taught Me

What I have learned from practicing yoga for over 365 days. How it has helped me calm my mind, and become more in tune with my body.

Social Media Anxiety

Social media, the ups and downs, and why we are all so anxious about our appearance online.

The Greatest Love Story

The explanation of ballet's difficulty can be old and exhausting as it is frequently explained to those who could never understand. I...

My Big Three

Introducing yourself by your “big three” has steadily become as commonplace as stating the city where you grew up. If you have not been...

The Playlist of My Life

Here are the songs that have shaped me throughout my life, and why they mean so much to me.


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