12 A-Level Experiences

With summer drawing nearer, and high expectations for what our hot girl summers should entail, here are 12 simple but beautiful feelings to hold onto in the heat of the moment. When the coffee hits harder than expected.

  1. The satisfaction of finishing a book.

  2. When the avocado is perfectly ripe.

  3. Settling into a hot bath.

  4. When the item you were looking at is on sale.

  5. When you successfully sing all of the lyrics to a song.

  6. The first time wearing shorts after winter.

  7. The anticipation after your favorite artist announces a new album.

  8. The perfect crisp of breaking dark chocolate.

  9. Taking off heels after a long night.

  10. The fizz of carbonation after opening a bottle.

  11. Serendipitously finding something you thought you lost forever.

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