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7 Women to Follow on Instagram

1. K80schmid

Via @k80schmid on Instagram

Katie Schmid is a mental health advocate who specializes in eating disorders. Katie embodies strength and vulnerability as she speaks about her own struggles with mental health in order to help others on their journies through her writing and informational posts. Katie has also started a business called “Beads 4 ED” which she started in recovery from Anorexia Nervosa. A percentage of the profits from each piece sold go to the National Eating Disorder Association.

Katie's Instagram

2. Camri Hewie

Via @camrihewie on Instagram

Camri Hewie is the New York City princess and 2021 angel. Her feed is easy on the eyes as its coordinated tones of pinks and creams make any follower feel like they have entered a cotton candy heaven. Camri is pure class and elegance, but she isn’t afraid to show some silly TikToks on her story of her and her equally beautiful friends. We love a girl who can do both.

Camri's Instagram

3. Devon Lee Carlson

Via @devonleecarlson on Instagram

Devon is THE Instagram girly of 2021. Co-founder of Wildflower Cases, with her sister Sydney, and y2k fashionista, Devon's signature style and funky aesthetic brighten up any feed. It's safe to say that although I do not share her same sense of style, I have gotten a lot of inspiration from her bold choices.

Devon's Instagram

4. Hitomi Mochizuki

Via @yaknowme_hitomi on Instagram

You may know Hitomi Mochizuki from her YouTube channel, but her Instagram is equally inspiring. Hitomi describes herself as a “forest nymph,” and the description could not be more true. With long dark hair and soothing voice, Hitomi resembles some sort of nature goddess. Her content is largely based on spirituality and connecting with oneself making her account a kind of sanctuary in the often anxiety inducing social media platform.

Hitomi's Instagram

5. Wellness With Soph

Via @wellnesswithsoph on Instagram

Wellness With Soph is the ultimate wellness baddie. With her bucket hats, ASAP Rocky story-times, and tattoos, she breaks the 30-year-old yoga mom stereotype so often associated with wellness. Sophia is constantly rolling out content, and her stories are full of journal prompts, recipes, and her wellness influencer besties. Sophia is an advocate for giving full care to your body, and no cares about other people's opinions.

Sophia's Instagram

6. Sigh Swoon

Via @sighswoon on Instagram

Sigh Swoon is a spiritual meme account run by Gabi Abrao. Gabi combines her deep thoughts and musings with humor and imagery in a digestible and artful way. Her page is full of her personal quirks, such as her fascination with a specific chair, and her beautiful artistic creations. Gabi also has a podcast with her friend James called “Illusion Pod.”

Gabi's Instagram

7. Ebonee Davis

Via @eboneedavis on Instagram

Ebonee Davis is a beautiful being, to say the least, and is known for being a singer and a poet. I found Ebonee’s account through various Tweets that had been reposted by celebrities. Her words, reflecting spirituality, religion, and the universe, were so touching that I instantly gave her a follow. Since following, I have saved nearly every one of her Tweets. Her beauty shines both inside and out.

Ebonee's Instagram

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